Certifications and Licenses

Certifications are important indicators in most industries, and commercial printing is no exception. That’s why JKG Group maintains G7 Certification, provided by Idealliance to ensure the highest print quality consistency across its multiple presses. The G7 Master program is the world’s leading print facility validation program.

JKG Group is a G7 Master Printer

JKG was the first commercial printer in Florida to work with industry-leading Konica Minolta as they created and launched the G7 certification program, and JKG became the first qualified G7 Master Printer in the state.

Then, Konica Minolta rolled out the G7 program nationally to promote the benefits of industry standards and certifications for color management. The G7 digital press certification program was soon embraced by others in the printing industry, led by EFI, Xerox and Canon. Ultimately, Idealliance assumed responsibility for overseeing the G7 program, including qualifying, training, events, user groups and other related support.

JKG Group also maintains ORM-D and IATA certifications to ensure compliance in the mailing and shipping of sensitive consumer goods such as cosmetics, skin and hair care products, biopharmaceuticals and similar products.

JKG’s fleet of delivery vehicles is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the US Department of Transportation.

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