Everything You Wanted in Online Ordering

It’s here today. It’s MarCommand.

Today, virtually any product or service can be ordered online, and your marketing assets are no exception. That’s why we built our proprietary marketing technology solution. MarCommand is a powerful distributed marketing platform, built in the cloud to be highly configurable, highly secure, and highly available (24/7/365).

MarCommand enables your employees, partners and customers to order your branded marketing assets online. Quickly. Easily. Securely. And we’ll personalize your MarCommand site with your logo and colors, so they feel right at home.

This always on, turn-key platform is ideal for businesses who operate through agents, retailers, franchises and affiliates. That’s because it’s so easy for them to find, order and use your branded assets. And when they can do that, it’s even easier for them to promote your business and drive sales traffic.

Watch This Video to See How MarCommand Can Turn You Into a Marketing Rock Star:

How to become a Marketing Rock Star with MarCommand  

MarCommand Technology Empowers Your Users Like Nothing Else

In addition to making ordering easy, MarCommand helps you maintain brand integrity, too. The platform enables lightning-fast personalization, ordering, fulfillment and distribution of your branded materials. It doesn’t matter whether those materials are branded apparel ordered by the item. Promotional postcards printed and mailed by the thousands. 70-page brochures. Or simply a new set of business cards.

MarCommand integrates seamlessly with your current systems to provide users with a single central source for ordering. But it does so much more. Like generate real-time analytics and reporting. Reduce production time. And shrink your administrative costs.

Have a look at the testimonials from some of our clients who use MarCommand services. And be sure to watch that video!

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