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Most businesses market and sell their products online today, even if they also have brick-and-mortar stores. In the case of start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures, they tend to sell exclusively online. As a result, they use eCommerce software to enhance their websites with product specs, product images, shopping carts, secure purchasing options, and other functionality.

Our advanced fulfillment platform integrates with all popular eCommerce software

JKG Group’s advanced fulfillment system integrates with most online eCommerce software to add greater value to your fulfillment services. These include Shopify, WooCommerce, Brightpearl, eBay and Amazon.

If you’re currently selling goods online and fulfillment details are wearing you down, finish reading this page to learn about other options. And if you’re a start-up, read this article on the Warehousing & Fulfillment website.

How Our System Integration Works

Below is a brief description of how this integration process happens.

  • Throughout the day, our proprietary application programming interface (API) browses your eCommerce website.
  • Orders received since the last visit are copied to our fulfillment system and fulfillment staff are alerted.
  • The orders are filled, with all the required actions and paperwork, and our system is updated accordingly.
  • Inventory counts are updated in virtually real time and product is shipped. (And the fulfillment crew shares high fives for being so efficient; we’ve actually seen this.)
  • Our fulfillment system communicates the status of those orders to your eCommerce software. And the process begins again.
  • As shipments are tracked, our fulfillment system captures that data. In addition, any returns are processed back through the system as well.

Because all fulfillment activities are recorded in our fulfillment system, it can generate a variety of preset reports at selected intervals. Many of these can be customized to meet your unique needs, and we can also design new reports for that purpose.

Of course, fulfillment orders can still be initiated the old-fashioned way, by email scan or fax. However, by using automated tools that communicate seamlessly we add speed, efficiency and productivity to the process. And these advantages are as important to you as they are to us.

Contact us to learn more about our pain-free fulfillment services, discuss integration with your eCommerce software, or request an estimate for your fulfillment needs.

JKG Group's fulfillment platform integrates seamlessly with most eCommerce software

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