Direct Mail Gets More Responses than Email

Recent studies show that direct mail achieves 37% higher response rates than email. No surprise. In addition, online donations to fund-raising campaigns increase by 40% when direct mail is used. If you’re a non-profit, that should get your attention.

And even in the busy elections season, campaign mailers of all sizes deliver political messages that help voters better understand each candidate’s position.

JKG Group was established in 1984, and we’ve been providing expert direct mail and other mail services almost as long.

Use direct mail to offer promotions to your customers

We have the experience and equipment to support your marketing initiatives with captivating direct mail campaigns that get results. Our mail services include list acquisition, data processing for variable data and images, tracking and data analytics, and advanced mail technologies.

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Specialists in LATAM, Variable Data, and Results!

JKG Group prints and mails millions of pieces for a wide variety of clients across many different industries with domestic, Latin American and international mail destinations. What they all have in common is a desire to reach their audience in an eye-catching manner and deliver their message with full impact and effectiveness. They know that direct mail works, and that direct mail services from JKG Group work best.

NFC tags enable you to offer new promotions without mailing new tags in new postcards

Fun Fact: In 2017, 65% of the paper used in the U.S. was recovered for recycling.

Our Xerox iGen 5 digital press produces stunning color direct mail pieces and seamlessly imprints them with variable data inline during the printing process. Variable data may range from names and addresses to targeted graphics and images. For mail pieces produced on our Heidelberg offset presses, our extensive data processing capabilities enable variable data to be inkjet-addressed.

Enhance Your Direct Mail Results with Hot New Technologies

Do you need to enhance your direct mail campaigns with tracking, or offer access to videos and websites directly from your mailer? We can add barcoding, QR codes, video mail, near-field communication (NFC) and augmented reality technologies that really set you apart. For example, near-field communication enables you to offer new promotions through the same NFC tag. What that means to you is the ability to deliver a seamless, always-new customer experience without adding to your mail costs.

Fun Fact: On September 12, 2018, Apple announced that the new iPhones read NFC tags without having to launch an app.

We are Latin American and Caribbean mail specialists with a proven record of getting postcards, envelopes, publications and small packages delivered anywhere. Our time-tested international private mail and door-to-door delivery alternatives ensure your delivery success.

Assembling direct mail contents

No mailing list?  No problem!  Our proprietary mailing program improves upon USPS Every Door Direct Mail® and enables you to direct your messages to targeted carrier routes that fit the demographics of your market—without the need for a list. Create geographically and demographically targeted mailings, with no volume limits, for a fraction of the cost of standard mail.

Boost Your Campaigns with Email

Direct mail has proven its success in campaign after campaign, which is why savvy clients use direct mail services to promote their companies and products. And supplementing those campaigns with email marketing only enhances the results. Our team of email marketing professionals can do it all for you. Write copy, build email templates, and create thematic designs. Upload lists, launch and manage campaigns, and report results to make sure you get the most out of your campaigns.

If your campaign requires fulfillment, whether simple or complex, our professional kitting and fulfillment division has got you covered.

To learn more about how our direct mail services can help you achieve great marketing results, Contact Us today.

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