Product Packaging Samples from JKG Group

Whether sold in store or online, products require packaging that protects them, communicates their value, and captures shopper imagination. Below are just a few product packaging samples created for our cosmetics, beauty, fitness, and personal care clients. What can we create for you?

Award-winning packaging samples include this Hello Sunshine Bathcake Box

The colorful, happy “Hello Sunshine” box mimics a bakery box and features iconic images of Florida. Palm trees, pink flamingos, popsicles and, of course, sunshine.

This whimsical box is designed to carry four of Sky Organics’ popular bathcakes. The box won First Place at the 2018 Package Printing Excellence Awards in the Folding Cartons-Digital category. Click on the photo for the official announcement of all winners!

And if you’d like to see how the bathcake box has evolved, watch this short video by the Editor of Packaging World.

Our packaging samples run the gamut from elegant cosmetics boxes, to hard-working containers, to pocket-size sachet packs, labels and more.

Oasis offers a full line of product dispensed in sachet packs

Oasis offers a full line of products in convenient sachet packs. The sachets are delivered in attractive point-of-sale dispensers, with six different health products offered in a colorful family of product packages, sachets, and dispensers.

At right, the timeless blue and silver product packaging samples for Leur Creme clearly illustrate the contents of the product kit and its value. The packaging is structurally designed to protect those contents during shipping and display. And in this case, the packaging family also includes individual boxes for stand-alone serums.

Sleek blue and silver boxes from Leur Creme

This attractive green and white carton for Naomi Whittel’s Glow15 Course is an excellent product packaging sample. In addition to its strong visual appeal, the box is well-designed as a sturdy container for heavy goods. The hard-working carton won First Place at the 2018 Package Printing Excellence Awards in the Corrugated Preprint-Offset category. Click on the photo to watch a short video of the judging.

JKG Group produces product packaging samples that win awards, like the Glow15 Course box

Of course, not all clients create full product lines. JKG Group’s packaging team develops hundreds of stand-alone packages, in addition to complete product package families. We also include dielines and prototypes in the package development process to ensure outstanding results.

So, the choices are all yours! But regardless of your needs or strategy, you can count on JKG Group for packaging that you’ll be comfortable shipping and proud to display, as these diverse product packaging samples demonstrate.

Collage of blue, white and silver boxes presenting multiple products
Personal Care Packaging Market Exceeds $25 Billion

JKG Group President, Adam Gittlin, was recently interviewed by Voyage magazine about the company’s fine printing capabilities and product packaging business. “We just recently renewed our G7 Master Printer certification, which speaks to color consistency and print quality. We also maintain compliance with regulations governing the shipping of various personal care products,” he said.

“One of our specialties is custom product packaging, and we’ve developed some stunning package designs for well-known cosmetics and beauty products firms as well as for some very creative start-ups. In 2016, the global market for personal care packaging topped $25 billion and it’s expected to reach $34.3 billion by 2022,” said Gittlin. “It’s a huge and growing market, and one we’re continuing to invest in. Whether products are sold in store or online, they require packaging that protects the product, communicates its value and captures the imagination.”

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