Sachet Packs and Cello-Wraps Expand Your Options

As a full-service product packaging company, JKG Group offers sachet packs and cellophane overwrapping along with many other packaging services under one roof. As a result, we can provide many options for packaging your creams, serums, tablets, capsules and powders.

Sachet packs are an excellent way to provide small quantities and product samples

Many formulators and manufacturers are replacing rigid plastic packaging with smarter, flexible pouch packs. For example, small sachet packs are perfect for offering promotional samples in stores, in mailers, and at events. And nothing says luxe like a cello-wrapped cosmetics box.

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Our sachet packs include four-sided sealing, hole punch, perforation, lot and date code printing and more for the industry’s most popular pouch sizes. And JKG Group can offer you faster turnarounds and lower minimums than other packaging companies.

Sachet packs are an important packaging option for firms who want to provide product samples

Our cello-wrap machines are ideal for overwrapping product boxes to enhance and protect your investment. We can spot-seal individual product boxes, or collate and bundle multiple boxes, to offer you extra luxury and protection in storage and in store. And we offer a range of dimensions to meet virtually every need.

JKG Group packaging services have been featured in Packaging World, Cosmetics and other journals. Two of our recent packaging creations won First Place at the 2018 Package Printing Excellence Awards.

So, let us produce your next sachet packs for product samples, and cello-wrap your custom product boxes for an added touch of luxury. The sooner we do, the sooner you’ll have more business!

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