Up Your Game With Our Marketing Technology Solutions

Within our own company, JKG Group employs many advanced technologies that improve the speed and efficiency of our processes. We do the same for our clients so they can enjoy similar benefits.

How? By designing and building custom marketing technology solutions that address a variety of client needs. For example, more than half of our clients take advantage of our branded e-stores and web-to-print services. Many use our software and platform integration services to support warehousing and fulfillment. Still others are leveraging the amazing benefits of augmented reality, near-field communication, and quick response code technologies. Whatever your need might be, the technology experts at JKG Group can build a marketing technology solution that’s perfect for you.

The Power to Transform Your Message

Marketing technology solutions like augmented reality can really elevate your gameToday, more than 78% of Americans own smartphones or other smart devices. These devices have changed the way we work, play, shop and buy. And, not surprisingly, they’ve become the primary delivery method for augmented reality experiences.

With more than three-quarters of Americans now having the tools to access AR experiences, innovative businesses are using AR technology as they look for new ways to engage audiences and differentiate their products and services. This awe-inspiring technology has the power to transform your message into a memorable experience for your customers, and elevate your game!

Are you interested in augmented reality, but not really sure how to use it for business? Ask for our brief on the practical uses of augmented reality.

More Technology: NFC Tags and Dynamic QR Codes

Two other amazing marketing technology solutions also use smartphones to create engaging, interactive user experiences. Near-field communication (NFC) tags can be affixed to products, printed materials, or packaging, and dynamic quick response (QR) codes can print on direct mail postcards. Both technologies deliver additional information about products, video demonstrations, video tours, user manuals, assembly instructions, and any other content in visual and/or audio form.

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